Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shredding the Tomato

Instructor Anne Goldberg and Seth
Seth returned late Sunday night from his five-day adventure. He was so worn out that he didn't really talk to me until Tuesday. Even then, I had to piece together the trip from overheard conversations and what others told me. Even though the snow was crappy because it was in the 60s every day and his socket hurt him, the consensus was that he had a great time and impressed everyone with his mad snowboarding skills. He said he wasn't quite ready for black diamond runs, but he conquered the blue runs. One of the WRNMMC staff who is also a snowboarder said he smoked her. This must be true because he brought home a certificate indicating he won the "Shredding the Tomato" award. For the uninitiated like me, this is a reference to Shaun White, snowboarding gold medalist, who is known as the Flying Tomato and for his capacity to slice up the slopes. (If Seth had his shoulder-length hair of yesteryear, he would look just like Shaun White.)

Seth shreds it up

I asked Seth to tell me something funny about the trip. He said, "Well, there were eight of us guys, and there were only four legs among us." On the bright side, they had 15 arms out of a possible 16.

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