Tuesday, October 11, 2011

and another . . .

We have seen Tyler Southern, featured in the following article and video, almost every time we've been in the MATC (Military Athletic Training Center). The first time we saw him, he was running around the track. Every time we've seen him, he is smiling. There is nothing exaggerated about his cheerful nature in this video.

Tyler Southern

We learned today that President Obama visited the hospital yesterday--probably because it was a holiday, so the hospital was essentially closed. I don't know if those he visited were chosen beforehand or if he only visited the inpatients (or both), but we missed him. Seth was relieved; I was very disappointed.

President Obama's Visit

On a more mundane note, Seth went to pick up his new socket this afternoon, and it is already too big--or Seth's leg has already become too small. Because of complications associated with the merger of the Army and Navy medical facilities, there was no plaster available to re-cast him, much to the prosthetist's dismay. If there's plaster, he'll be re-cast tomorrow.

Random Weird Development
Seth has two bald spots on the back of his head from being flat on his back for those first few weeks. The hair is finally starting to grow back in--and it is black.

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