Sunday, October 16, 2011

Confessions of an NMA

Last Sunday started well. I was able to go to sacrament meeting at 8:30--an uplifting break. I returned to discover that I had left Seth's night catheter uncapped--so it had drained all over the floor.

Later I drove to some friends' to borrow their carpet cleaner. After a delightful meal and visit with them, I headed home--and took the exit on the right instead of the left to the George Washington Memorial Parkway. This mistake was intensified by the fact that it was dark, I couldn't find my glasses, and apparently "Parkway" here means "no exits until the next state." I called my friends and was able to make my way home, but not until I had driven all the way into D.C. (Being lost here is much different than being lost in Utah. The roads are very narrow, windy and surrounded by tall trees that cover signs and hide all landmarks--and dark is really dark.)

Safe at home, I began washing sheets and cleaning the carpet. Seth and I heard a funny banging in the washer, noted it and then did nothing about it--until Seth looked for his brand new cell phone, bought the day before. It was in his shorts that I had just thrown in washer.

(For inquiring minds, I did find my glasses the next day--in the car, between the driver's side seat and the door.)


  1. Wow, what a day! I sure hope tomorrow is better.

  2. Sylvia,
    I have read everyone of your posts since you have been in Washington (73). My day isn't complete without them. When struggles appear in my life I think of you and Seth and my little simple world is insignificant to your challenges. Pat and I pray night and day for both of you. We miss you and can't wait for the joyful return of you both. God bless!
    Scott and Pat H.