Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Been One Week . . .

since Seth has had anything to eat or drink. We've been trying to think of an appropriate way to celebrate the anniversary, but nothing comes to mind that doesn't involve, um, food.

So here's dinner
Last night, the doctors did a poor job of inserting a PICC line, so they are redoing their job this afternoon. The PICC line is to facilitate Seth receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and also, if they get it right this time, will make it so he doesn't have to keep his IV in and get poked to get his blood drawn every night.

No good news today. The output from the NG tube is down (good), but there is no output from the ostomy (bad). We are now looking at spending the upcoming weekend here. Worst case scenario is that we do all this waiting and have to have surgery anyway.

But Seth hasn't lost his sense of humor. When we were discussing the dismaying lack of ostomy output, Seth suggested that I crush up some Baby Ruths and put them in the ostomy bag. At least one doctor got a big kick out of that idea. (I wish I could make Seth laugh as much as he makes me laugh, but oh, well. Some people got it and some don't.)

Thank the Lord for Legos
This time in the hospital has been excruciatingly boring (since we don't have to eat three times a day, that's a lot of time on our hands). Because of the tube, Seth isn't mobile, but, unlike last time in the hospital, he doesn't need to sleep all the time and he's not on heavy doses of pain medication. Our occupational therapist came to the rescue on Tuesday with an amazing Lego kit--the kind that requires a lot of time and patience to complete. We were both grateful--one can only watch so much of Parolees and Pitbulls.

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