Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saved by the Brits

(and by the fact we're coming home tomorrow).

Yesterday was an emotionally exhausting day for reasons that are both complicated and personal. In a nutshell, we were reminded of some of the complexities of Seth's condition. The nerve damage from his sacral fracture may or may not resolve itself on its own. A couple of doctors are now speculating that one of the screws holding his pelvis to his spine may be interfering with nerve function, and they are going to do more testing to see if removing the screw would be, first, possible and, second, the solution to the problem. The obvious downside of all this is it would require another very serious surgery and all that that entails.
By the time we got home from the hospital, we were worn out, but we had signed up for a dinner at the residence of the British Ambassador, so we dragged ourselves out the door and got on the bus. After a miserable bus ride (D.C. traffic is even miserable as a passenger), we finally made it to the embassy compound. Of course, the residence is spectacularly beautiful, enhanced by lovely Christmas decorations, and our spirits began to rise for the first time that day.

Seth was feeling a little rebellious, so he wore his panda T-shirt, seen here. Later, as he was won over by the spirit of the evening, he kept his coat closed--it seemed more dressy that way.

The dining room
We thoroughly enjoyed the people we met and visited with. The dinner was scrumptious (except the brandied cherries in the dessert).

Queen Elizabeth watched over the proceedings

Ambassador Sheinwald

Paul Wolfowitz

Ambassador Sheinwald and former U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz both gave stirring tributes to both American and British troops. Ambassodor Sheinwald has hosted the wounded warriors every year for the three years of his term. Mr. Wolfowitz has been attending and supporting the dinners for the past eight years. He recently joined the board of the Aleethia Foundation, which sponsors these events.

Although the bus ride home was trying, the evening was lovely, and we were glad we had pulled it together to attend.

The Real News
We will be home tomorrow, Sunday, December 18. Hooray!!! We will be in Utah until January 9th.