Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back at It

We've been back at WRNMMC for over a week now. Some days are busy with appointments; other days are not and we have a lot of down time. It is cold here, gets dark by 5:00 p.m., and, until today, we did not have a car, so we haven't gotten out much.

This Week's Highlights:

  • dinner with former Ogdenite friends of friends on Sunday evening. It was so nice to get out, eat good food and visit with delightful people.
  • Bob arrived yesterday, so there's backup!
  • We got a rental car today, courtesy of the Yellow Ribbon Fund, so there's freedom!
  • On Tuesday, our ortho doctor caught us in the hall to tell us he had reviewed Seth's leg X-ray taken last week. He said, "It looks healed. It looks like you've laid down a lot of bone," which means removal of the Taylor-spatial frame may be imminent. I said, "Hallelujah." Seth has a CT scan this coming Monday and then an official appointment with the ortho doctor on Tuesday morning when we will get the official word on whether the leg is ready to have the frame removed. We can't wait!

Another interesting development: it's possible that when Seth gets the frame removed from his right leg, he will also get one of the screws that is holding his pelvis to his spine removed. The doctors hope this will improve crucial nerve function.

We are losing Seth's nurse case manager Lt Colonel Crum. He is in the reserves, so this is the end of his "mobilization." While Colonel Crum prefers working the hospital wards over the desk job he's had here, he will miss working with the guys here. We will miss him as well.

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