Monday, September 12, 2011

Ex the Ex

Tomorrow, Tuesday Sept 13, is a big day. Seth is scheduled for surgery to revise or remove the external fixator on his pelvis--the goal is removal. The surgeons will remove the screws and then--here's the icky part--stress his pelvis to see if it opens. If it's solid, he's good. If it moves, they put the screws back in. If the ex-fix comes off, he can begin therapy on his right leg. Here's hoping all the protein drinks he's been dutifully drinking have paid off--not to mention the many, many prayers on his behalf.

Here's a shout-out to Harper, Seth's cousin's baby, who is also having a critical surgery tomorrow. We are hoping  and praying for miracles on her behalf as well.


  1. Prayers to Seth and Harper. Hope all went well today.

  2. You can always count on my prayers.

  3. Hey Sylvia, Seth and family,
    Oh that was so cute to read about the people who thought you were Seth's girlfriend! You DO look young and sassy, so no wonder ;) It has been fun to catch up a bit, and to see how well Seth has progressed since I last wrote. He is a real scrapper and I can just "see" him up on the ski slopes, too! Nice to have those faith and confidence affirming stories come to him in so many different ways! How are you doing, Sylvia? We know this is wearing on you, but you never complain! You are a Saint!

  4. Nancy, we received your packages last Friday. Thank you!!! My parents arrived the next day and they don't like to buy the expensive food at the hotel, so we gave them a great snack package. Thanks!
    Myrna, ask Bob if I don't complain and I'm not sure Seth would consider me a saint ;-)

  5. Glad the packages arrived and could be put to some good use. I hope I didn't make Seth's survivor bracelet too big? If it is, I can make him a smaller one.
    Many blessings and kudos on the graduation to rehab!!!!!