Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have no profound words to share on this the 10-year anniversary of 9-11, but I can share some events of Seth's day, which are profound testament to goodness.

We were well served today. The Marine Mothers of Bethesda and the Rotary Club sponsored lunch for all the wounded warriors and their families--it was quite a lunch, and there was enough to feed the staff, too!

In addition to lunch, they brought two massage therapists who offered chair massages to caregivers. Seth's grandpa and I were very grateful for the gentle touch--kind of a professional hug.

Which is more goofy looking?
After lunch, some college-aged kids asked if they could visit with Seth. He invited them in, and they presented him with an iPad. Talk about a morale booster. A few minutes later, the founder of iPads for Soldiers came in and told us about their organization  He informed us that the young people who presented the iPad to Seth had also raised money for the project.

Later, one of many chaplains here came by with the president of the National Bible Association with a military Bible for Seth. I wish I could say it made the same impression as the iPad, but we were grateful for their visit, kind words and convictions.

Last, the LDS missionaries came by and had a devotional with us, which I appreciated since I haven't been to church in over two months.

So, that was our 9-11. We were the recipients of the kindnesses of many, many people--some we've met; most we never will. This gives me great hope and great peace that good will prevail over evil--and that those who lost their lives on that day and since that day did not die in vain.


  1. what a wonderful day! warms my heart to hear about all the goodness surrounding you--you deserve it.

  2. Maybe you could put the Bible on the iPad!