Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gentlemen, We Can Rebuild Him;

 we have the technology.

The big day arrived. Seth got his first prosthetic and took his first steps.

Look, ma! No hands!
Getting it the right length

Seth took naturally to walking--what a funny thing to say, right? It's a process to reteach the brain to know where the foot is in space, but it can be done. The remaining leg feels the vibrations move up the prosthetic and the brain learns to interpret them.

When Seth was done walking, Greg took the prosthetic to the leg room [there's a joke in there somewhere, but I'll be darned if I can find it] where it will be kept for a week or so for use only at PT. Seth will have to complete certain tests before he can be sent off with his leg on his own.

The excitement of the day was tempered by tedium--I mean, I was ready to walk right out of there and come home, but it takes several months for the leg to shrink to a somewhat stable size, so this prosthetic and its socket are temporary. Seth will go through several sockets and legs before he's ready to leave. It also takes several months to master different skills of using a prosthetic--skills from walking on deep shag carpet to running, from climbing stairs to hiking mountains. There are also different legs for different activities. According to Greg, most guys leave with five or six legs (or pairs of legs, as the case may be).

Greg marveled once again at how quickly Seth is up and walking, indicating he has many guys who don't walk for four to six months. We marveled as well, remembering the surgeons' bleak assessment that first week in the ICU.

A bit of bad news came from the urology folks. The soft tissue damage in Seth's insides was extensive, and the bladder and its accompanying parts will take months to heal and for nerves to regenerate and reawaken. But the urologists also reminded us that there is no reason why things won't heal and function again.

I am grateful for the prayers of those who love us and the perspiration of the experts we work with every day.


  1. Way to stand up for us, Seth! Will you be getting a new address when you move into your apartment?

  2. looks like someone who's been walking all his life.

    but seriously, that is way way way way way amazing, you guys. Seth and hs mom are the team.

  3. I can't even express how excited I am for you Seth!

  4. The docs say he'll be outpatient next Wednesday or Thursday!

  5. Such an amazing sight to see you standing...and WALKING! My family and I just watched your video and viewed the pic's with tears of joy! You are an amazing young man, Seth! Your recovery time has been nothing less than miraculous! We thank God every day for answering our prayers for a speedy recovery...and, from how things look, those prayers are being answered & we are sooo- happy & grateful! God bless you Seth & we hope you'll be able to get home soon! (The Lawrence Family: PFC Feudner's family:))