Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gettin' Spelled

Ethan arrived today. Hooray! He is going to be Seth's NMA while I come home to Utah for a very short breather.

After we went to a nice dinner in Bethesda, Ethan learned the fine points of pin care, wound care, ostomy and catheter care, medication monitoring and laundry. Oh, and the finer points of using Seth's iPad.

I have also charged him with taking some photos while he's here for the blog. Maybe he'll even write the blog.

Utah, here I come!

There's Something About Marys
Since we have been here we seem to have met an inordinate number of Marys:
Bryan's mom: Mary Jane
Tom's mom: Mary Ann
Tom's mother-in-law: Mary Ann
Ian's wife: Mary Beth
Michael's mom: Mary
Our tablemate at dinner last week: Mary Veronica
Someone who I can't remember's sister: Mary Elizabeth
Justin's mother-in-law: Maria Louisa (that's Mary in Spanish . . .)
Bob's new colleague: Mary Beth (OK, so we didn't meet her out here--but still!)


  1. Hi Seth's Mom, I'm so glad that you are getting to go home for a little breather. Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date on Seth's progress. What a journey...I can't even imagine, but yours and Seth's strength are such an example to me. You're both amazing. (must be that Taylor blood running through you!) Take care and know you're in our prayers. Love, Margo

  2. Seth, you look GREAT! God has worked his Miracles through you! Blessings....