Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day at my cousin Rick's home with his wife, Anne, my uncle Parley, Chang, Thung and Bob. Thank you, Rick and Anne, for your hospitality. It was a beautiful fall day. We could not have asked for a better one.

I fully intended to come home and write an entry listing all the things I am thankful for, but as I pondered my list, it was so long, I became overwhelmed at the thought of trying to get it all down. When I said good night to Seth, I asked him if there was anything he would like to post. He said, "Yeah, I've been thinking about it all day, and the list just goes on and on and on."

So in a classic cop-out, we will say there are too many things we are thankful for to begin listing them, but perhaps I will say, all but a few come from the hands of good people--known and unknown to us. Thank you all.

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