Friday, November 25, 2011

Steppin' Up

This is not hugely significant, but I just love this video of Seth and his substitute physical therapist Kyla doing step-ups together. Kyla's jazz hands just made it all the better.

Annals of Amputee Odds and Ends

  • Seth passed another amputee coming out of a clinic as we were entering the other day. The amputee looked at Seth and said, "Ooh, gross! That guy's missing a leg!"
  • Seth's grandpa Pack is an amputee and, we learned not long ago, so was Seth's great-great uncle. This caused us to speculate if his condition is genetic. Seth remarked, "When I have my first child, if it has two legs, I'm going to have some questions for my wife."
  • When I was home, Bob and I went out with good friends Jim and Cindee. Jim's dad, now in his 70s, became an amputee in his teens. When Jim was a child, he wondered when his leg would fall off or if someone would come to take it off.
  • Other friends told us of waterskiing with a friend who is an amputee. When he wiped out, his prosthesis went flying--much to the horror of unsuspecting folks on the beach and much to the amusement of our friends and their companions.

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  1. I'm so glad that there can still be laughter. When my son was five, he was in a karate class and the instructor was sparring with the students. Imagine a room full of little boys gasping and shrieking when one well-placed kick caused sensei's leg to fly across the room! None of us had any idea he was an amputee. :)