Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adjusting to the Maze

Some milestones so far this week:

  • Seth has cut his use of painkillers in half once again
  • the new date for removing his pelvic external fixator is Sept 13 (we were told Oct 1)
  • he's been cleared to shower (but the new room doesn't have hot water, so we're holding off)
  • all the wraps have been removed from his leg--meaning all the skin grafts have taken
  • he got to lie on his stomach for the first time in two months

Seth enjoying being on his tummy

One thing that is sure to make Seth smile are the therapy dogs. We have pondered ways to hide a dog in our room some how . . . I guess for now we'll have to be satisfied with just petting them once in a while.

There are still rough times and setbacks; the body is complex and getting it back "online" takes time, but the trend is forward.

Hurricane Follow-Up: One of Seth's therapists kindly ventured back to Walter Reed to retrieve the charger for Seth's wheelchair battery that was left in his room. He said it's a good thing we got out on Saturday because the hurricane (or is it now a tropical storm?) had caused water damage to Seth's room. 


  1. Seth's progress is a miracle! So glad the grafts have taken and that the fixator will be removed sooner than expected. His strength and Your's are inspiring!
    God Bless!

  2. So excited to hear about the progress and your safe and timely move. Love to you all!