Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today, after Seth knocked out his physical therapy like a champ, the rehab team was working on removing sutures from the wound on Seth's rear end. At one point, the doctor asked if she could take a photograph of his tush to pass on to the wound care team. Seth said, "Sure."

I said, "I bet you never thought you'd be a butt model!"

After looking at the photo, he responded, "This isn't a model butt--it looks terrible!"

I said, "But if people saw it, it might make them feel better about their butts."

To which he replied as if doing the voice-over for a public service announcement: "Now don't you feel better about your butt? Brought to you by the Better Butt Foundation. Better butts for a better life . . . "

It was a good day.

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  1. it seems, at least from my perspective, that the worst is over. the posts are now commonly displaying good days. im not much for praying, but it i were to pray i would have prayed for better days. keep fighting seth, life will only get better for you now. i hope to see you soon. you give us all hope, and you are still my hero. "embrace the suck"

    with great honor

    doc bohon