Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Milestone

and Tuesday triumph.
Seth and his dad after PT

On Monday morning, Seth rocked his PT (100 crunches) and had enough energy left over for lunch out on the Heaton Pavillion and to check his Facebook--for a record outing of three hours.

Seth and Sully having fun in the family room

Today Seth took another big step forward--his PCA was shut down, so no more IV and no more middle-of-the-night vitals checks. He made a two-hour outing with no IRs (instant-release pain meds)
--also a first.

We continue to be part of history here. We felt the earthquake that shook the East Coast today, and now we have warnings about Hurricane Irene this weekend--just as we move over to the new hospital.

Random Reflections
A good friend once gave me some perspective about some problems I was having by helping me identify data points vs. trends. These past two days have also had some very difficult moments, but they were manageable when I could see that they were single data points rather than trends.


  1. So great to see him out of the hospital bed! Go, Seth! :)

  2. Wow! A three hour field trip is fantastic. Glad to see that Brett can be there too.

  3. Seth,
    An American Hero and my hero.
    God bless,
    Pat and Scott

  4. Ken is updating me on 'the blog' while we are enjoying the Shakespeare Plays in Cedar City this week. Last night during the intermission of The Music Man, the lady next to me told me about her grandson, who slammed his leg into the side of a luge during a run a few years ago. Because his leg was severed between the ankle and knee and reattached, though unsuccessfully, he was given the choice of being on crutches for the remainder of his life or having his leg removed. Without hesitation he said, "Take it off." This fellow has never looked back -- functioning fully, even performing all kinds of sports, including ice hockey. He is happily married with three children. What a coincidence to meet this lady just before we about to reply in your blog.
    Your blog is wonderful, Sylvia. We are so happy to see Seth progressing so well.

    Love, Ken & Sue B