Friday, August 5, 2011

There is No Finish Line

Today marks five weeks from the day that Seth was injured, four weeks since we arrived in D.C. to be with him, and surgery number nine, where he is as I write.

Yesterday was overall a good day. The highlight was Seth getting up in his wheelchair. He handled it like a pro, even in reverse. It is electric and controlled by a joystick, so I told him all those video games are finally paying off. Because of his butt wound, he only lasted an hour, but he was able to do some physical therapy including lifting some weights, and he got outside the building for the first time.

Yesterday's bad news was that Ethan left. We really enjoyed having him here. Seth is also still struggling to eat sufficiently. It has become a real chore.

Seth's surgery today should be another short one--just cleaning, closing, exchanging wound VACS and removing sutures. More skin grafts will probably begin next week.

Finally, Seth's buddy Bryan Dilberian made it on the local news yesterday. Check it out here!


  1. I can see why Bryan is Seth's friend. His words are strong, and inspirational.

    Any projection on when Seth will be coming home? I'm assuming that he will work through the Salt Lake VA after that. Is that correct?

    Jim Hutchins (still showing as "unknown")

  2. Wheelchair? Way to go Seth! Seriously, that has got to be good for his head to do that -- every day progress. kid is a fighter, and that's good.

  3. Seth's mom,

    Laura and I stopped to check on you and Seth today, but you were out. We assumed he was in surgery and lo and behold we were right. Please continue to let Laura and I, or anyone with Operation Ward 57 know if there is anything we can do for you and Seth. I'm glad to hear that he was up and about in his chair. Next thing you know, he will be tearing down the halls in it! :) Have a terrific weekend!