Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving a Hospital

Walter Reed Army Medical Center had its official closing ceremonies earlier this month. Since then, the process of moving has begun. The hospital is getting quieter and quieter. Seth is scheduled to move to the new facility in Bethesda next Sunday, August 28th. It is hoped that there will be less traffic on the weekend. The new address will be
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
WTB Battle Company HHC
PFC Seth Pack
8901 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda MD 20880

On another note, here is a recent article in the Washington Post that is of interest. 


  1. I just sent out a letter to Seth to the other address so hopefully it gets there before you guys move to avoid any confusion!

  2. Hi, Mason,
    The mail has been very weird here, so I hope we get it. It means a lot!!! We hear that at the new hospital, we'll have internet access--then Seth can respond to his e-mail and Facebook etc. But handwritten letters are the best!
    Seth's mom

  3. Ok, thank you for that update!! I will continue to write hand letters (To the new address) and look forward to Seth being able to get on the internet!