Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Unveiling (warning: graphic photos)

 The rehab team came in on Wednesday to remove the wrap around the Taylor spatial frame so they could do pin care--that means cleaning the sites where the frame enters the leg.

It's a heavy, ugly thing that right now is difficult for Seth to lift--but that will change as he continues his physical therapy every day.

In the second photo, a bit of the skin graft is visible on the right leg and a bit of the donor site is visible on the left. Also on his left leg is what is called a shrinker--it's basically support hose that will keep the leg from swelling and help it take the shape necessary for a prosthetic. As the urologist said when he made his daily rounds, "A shrinker is good news." Funny what becomes good news around here.

More good news: earlier we were told only one of three arteries was functioning in his right leg. Today we were told there are two.

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  1. Wow, what progress! Such a blessing! These are baby steps to healing but he has come so far.