Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Day That Shall Not Be Named

Seth is amazing. The ketamine that he is on makes him forget a lot. However, yesterday when the anesthesiologist came to discuss whether it was time to lower the dose, Seth remembered exactly what dose he was receiving. The doctor was very impressed--most patients who are fully aware don't have any idea what their dosage is. When the doctor came this morning, we commented on this amazing feat--and Seth didn't remember any of it.

The doctor did reduce the dosage yesterday, and that really made a difference. Seth is himself again--not forgetful and loony (although that was kind of fun. Ask me sometime about his interpretative dance). Today the anesthesiologist lowered the dose again, and the plan is to take him off it altogether tomorrow.

Seth will be pretty immobile while the grafts and the donor sites heal, but the surgeons plan to replace the external fixator on his right leg with a Taylor spatial frame next Friday. Then Seth can put weight on that leg and begin physical therapy.

As I have mentioned, not much has tasted good to Seth, with the exception of fresh peaches (brought by friends) and crab legs from Red Lobster. This morning, a mom and her daughters brought fresh peaches for all the guys on the ward. Nice.

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  1. I would LOVE to see that interpretive dance!!! So glad it was a good day.