Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally Friday

Saying goodbye to the Van Gogh look
 I'm not sure why I'm so glad it's Friday when the weekends are pretty much just like the weekdays for us--maybe it's because it's just a little quieter and there's more chance of visits.
Today Seth got off the ketamine, and his use of his regular painkillers is decreasing substantially. Pretty good considering his skin grafts are just three days old.

Lookin' good for a guy in a hospital

Other good news is he got the stitches out of his left hand, and his mobility is very good considering. We also learned he has surgery on Monday to remove the final wound VAC and put on the Taylor spatial frame--we thought we had another week to wait for this. The best news, however, was concerning his pelvic external fixator. We had been told it would be on six months; today we learned that's an "outside" projection. The range is generally 12 to 20 weeks. Yay.

These last two pictures are not very good, but I wanted to post them because this is what I see every Friday night when I leave the hospital: volunteers gathered to say "thank you" to our troops. They stand on all four corners of the intersection with signs. They wave and yell--and they make me cry every time I leave.

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