Sunday, August 28, 2011

Melancholy Move

first, the tree we could see from Seth's window;
 and, finally, the hospital itself. I never thought I would consider Walter Reed a beautiful building--until we moved to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.
The main entrance of the old Walter Reed Medical Center

The big move took place Saturday. It was supposed to be today but was moved up in anticipation of Hurricane Irene. The move was flawlessly executed, and Seth was in his new digs in about 30 minutes.

Seth gets into the ambulance--before the rain starts.

The new facility is really an addition on a much larger building that already has several additions, so it is not only massive--it is labrythian! Seth's new room is beautiful, but I will withhold my opinions about the rest of the place. Let's just say, my nostalgia for Walter Reed was not misplaced.

Seth's new room and new bed
The National Naval Medical Center is now officially renamed the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center--or WRNMMC. How's that for an acronym?

We slept through the hurricane. The power was out at my hotel when I woke up (as it was for 1.1 million other people), and there was one large branch among many small ones on the ground at WRNMMC. Not bad for our first hurricane. 

Most of our Ward 57 nurses have gone to new places, which is heartbreaking, and the Navy does things differently than the Army, but we hope the move accomplishes all the good it was intended to.


  1. I'm glad the move went well despite the storm. Speaking of the storm - it's funny that we always want what isn't. We'd like some rain guys - not so much! Praying for great nurses and a quick adjustment to the new surroundings!

  2. Glad the move went well. I hope the transition will be easy for you to both get used to. Were you able to move closer to Bethesda? I know the distance is different. I am back in PR and was pleased to see a mailbox full of get well cards for Seth and Bryan. I will mail Seth's tomorrow. I hope Bryan is in the same place?
    Praying for continued healing and strength!

  3. Wow, it never rains but it pours! Quite literally for you all. I'm sad you have to make this adjustment during what is already a stressful time for everyone, but it sounds like your sunny outlook on life is pulling you through some tough times. We can't be there to put arms around you, but we're praying you and Seth through it, and cheering you on from afar. We'll miss you tonight at bookclub.

  4. The Navy will take good care of you. I've always felt good about the Navy medical corps over the many years I interacted with them.