Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2nd Shift

Bob left Saturday; my sister Margaret arrived today to stay for a week. Brett continues to spend the night with Seth. Seth and I feel grateful for all this support.

The good news is no surgery tomorrow. It is good for two reasons: it gives Seth a surgery breather, and it means he is doing well enough that they can bump him for other cases. The bad news is there are lots of other casualties coming in.

Seth's bed faces a mirror, and today he said, "You're right--I do look like a concentration camp victim." I assured him he is a very handsome concentration camp victim.

Charlie Trentleman wrote a great column today, so I'll close with that. I will only add that I think along with death and casualty statistics, newspapers should print the number of limbs lost. It would be staggering.

Charlie's Column


  1. i am beyond flattered to be part of this amazing blog, and I bet I can find a stat on limbs lost -- the bureaucracy of the military keeps track of everything.

    but, yeah, staggering, to say the least. Everyone says "oh, just a leg, he's OK," but of course that's silly.

  2. I follow this blog daily. It has impacted my thoughts and prayers. I see hope in your grief . I send my thanks for your sacrifices.

  3. Sylvia,

    Pat and I pray everyday for Seth and your family.

    Please let us know how we can help with your home while you are away.

    Thanks for you willingness to share your experiences with all of us.

    God bless,
    Scott and Pat H.

  4. Sylvia,

    What phone number can I reach you at? I just tried your cell phone number and it didn't go through.

    E-mail me: karrinpeterson@aol.com

    I'd love to talk to you.

    Seth's progress is great news!

    Love, Karrin

    P.S. A little good news: I'm back on my feet and feeling as close to normal as I ever get (as you know, normal is somewhat relative term). I was referred to a fantastic doctor who has figured out what went wrong with the prednisone I was prescribed.

    I've heard great things about the hospital Seth is at -- I'm certain he's got a set of fantastic doctors working for him too. He and you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

  5. I also think we'd find statistics on brain injuries amongst soldiers quite sobering.

    Jim Hutchins