Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And the Truth . . .

Shall Make Me Cry All Over Again.

Today Seth felt up to reading the blog. After a few minutes, he turned to me and said, "You know you got this part of the story wrong now, don't you?" I asked him to explain because I obviously didn't know. He said that Private Waters was killed in another blast--the one that injured his friend Bryan Dilberian. Seth said, "I was the one with the metal detector, and I was the one who stepped on the detonator."

I'm not sure how these details change anything, but it made me cry all over again. Perhaps it was hearing them from Seth's mouth; perhaps it was now visualizing what was true rather than what was assumed. Whatever it  was, it was hard--and Seth asked me if I wanted to hold his hand. Yes, yes, I did.

People talk about things like this as an emotional roller coaster. I'm sure that will be true at some point, but right now it seems more like an emotional Scrambler--the ride at Lagoon where you hold on as tight as you can but still get thrown against the outside of the car on the outside of each rotation. Your only hope is that someone bigger than you is sitting on the outside of the car.

Seth out and about
The good news of the day is that Seth got out of his room for something other than surgery. The PTs came and put him in a cardiac chair and took us to the athletic training center where we saw some very amazing people doing some very amazing things.

Tomorrow is another surgery. Besides the usual cleaning and closing of wounds, they will begin the skin grafts. If all goes perfectly, they may be able to get all the grafting done in this one surgery. That is my current prayer because this is a very painful process.


  1. If one has to cry it's always better to do it with a friend. Wish I was there to cry with you vs sitting here crying all by myself! You mentioned watching the amazing young people at the athletic training center....Greg often has the opportunity to mentor and support his soldiers at the National Ability Center in Park City. The participants are all probably at least a year ahead of Seth in their recovery and they truly are amazing. There is nothing like the heart of a soldier. Seth, you are amazing! What a blessing, a miracle and a privlege to have you with us and to pray for you and support you through your journey.

  2. I know this is totally beside the point, but you are an amazing writer, Sylvia. I could pick out a noteworthy turn of phrase from every post you make. I think there is a book in this experience.