Sunday, July 31, 2011

Thanks, Charlie

Today I thought of a friend who, when she was undergoing fertility treatments, looked in wonder at pregnant women. She knew intimately all that had to be in place for a successful fertilization to take place and decided it is amazing that anyone gets pregnant at all.

As Seth's "plumbing" slowly comes back "online," I have had similar thoughts. We all go about our daily lives without having to give much thought to our digestion, etc. etc., and yet it really is a delicate balance that, once thrown off, is difficult to bring back in line.

Highlights today were a visit from cousins who came bearing all sorts of healthful treats and, in just a bit of a contrast, a visit from some Hooters girls (not sure of the proper group term--a gaggle? herd? flock? Ah, a parliament is the group term for owls--maybe that works here). Who knew? Funny, Mom didn't get a photo to put on the blog . . .

Also, today, Charlie Trentleman had another moving column . I will make only one additional suggestion: please give blood. I don't have an exact number, but I can safely say Seth has received over 40 units.


  1. Sylvia,
    Please let Seth know our family keeps him in our prayers and thoughts on a daily basis. His struggles and successes have had a great effect on Chris and I and our children's lives. I am so grateful you are taking the time to write this blog. You have such a gift for being candid and real. Yesterday in Relief Society we had a beautiful patriotic musical program, it was dedicated to Seth.
    Love, Maria and Chris Reid and Family

  2. You know I'm disappointed not to see the Hooters girls on the blog. That's just not right. Reminds me of when I worked in NOLA and won free chicken wings and they all came out to personally deliver them to me at the office. Proud day!