Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love Technology . . .

or in praise of the humble wound VAC (vacuum assisted closure).

One of Seth's four VACs

A wound VAC is an amazing device. Seth has one attached to each wound (except his hand): one on each leg, one on his belly and one on his sacrum. The suction of the VAC is simultaneously sucking out the drainage from the wound and closing the wound. These little beasts hum along without complaint and must go with Seth wherever he goes. If it were not for the wound VACS, Seth would be subjected to countless painful dressing changes--each change entailing exposure to infection. Because of the size and number of Seth's wounds, this process would be excruciating not only for him but for his nurses as well. Therefore, I am very thankful for their dutiful humming presence.  (For a detailed description of the wound VAC's function, you can check out  Wound VACs)

Tomorrow Seth is first on the schedule for surgery. Nothing big this time--mostly just wound cleaning and checking to see if anything needs revision. Next Wednesday, he begins skin grafts to cover his right leg wounds. The PT described the process in detail, which made me cry all over again. To subject his body to such a painful process when it has already endured so much was more than I could bear today.

But every day also holds good news: today Seth's feeding tube was removed. 


  1. Every Year around the 4th of July I sit outside and listen to all the fireworks. The loud explosions and the crackling firecrackers. I then think that there are many in the world that hear similar sounds each day but they are not sounds of celebration but sounds of war. I am so grateful for the country I live in and the many men and women and their families that have sacrificed so dearly that I and my family may be so blessed. Thank you. Thank you Seth. Thank you Sylvia. Thank you all. Our prayers are always with you.

  2. I wish I was there to give you a big hug - and cry with you! What a blessing to have modern technology - but that doesn't make it any easier to watch your precious son suffer. I'm so glad about the "good news" and hope Seth can tolerate eating something wonderful. Love you guys!

  3. I had a wound vac when my c-section wound reopened. It was an amazing thing, but I found it really intimidating. How silly that must seem to you and Seth when the other stuff he's hooked up to makes wound vacs seem as benign as snails. :)