Friday, July 22, 2011

And Then There Were Three . . .

The good news:

  • surgery went well--only three hours long today
  • one wound VAC was removed
  • Seth ate a chicken finger (so far, he's only eaten yogurt, soup and hot cereal)
The bad news:
  • Seth didn't like the chicken finger
  • A cherry Icee didn't taste as good after surgery as Seth imagined it would before surgery
He says he might be up for a photograph tomorrow

Random Observation:
  • most of Seth's surgeons look like they're 12


  1. Sylvia, I happened upon your blog quite by accident. Thru FB, a girl I went to HS with in NJ posted that she wanted people to pray and write cards a wounded warrior by the name of Bryan. She sent me the information and before writing out my get well card, I googled his name and several hits came from a church prayer request, town paper and your blog. I decided to write a card to both Bryan and Seth which should be arriving tomorrow. I belong to a group called Soldier's Angels.
    We have several teams of people that write cards, letters, make blankets, quilts, baked goods, etc. I have submitted both Seth and Bryan for thank you cards and get well cards.
    I am a Surgical Nurse, a Military Wife and a Military Mom of a Navy Corpsman. I have also adopted two soldiers to take under my wing and make sure they have what they need in packages, cards and encouragement while deployed in the theatre. My heart and prayers go out to you, your families and especially "our" wounded warriors. May God Bless you all, comfort them in their pain, and guide the team of healthcare workers.
    Nancy Pedersen
    Soldier's Angel
    "May No Soldier Go Unloved"

  2. I wouldn't say that not liking chicken fingers that any military chef prepared is bad news. (I've some personal experience with these little tidbits of mystery meat at the Navy officer's mess -- this is not a joke -- we really call our cafeterias "messes".) I'd call Seth's response good news, and suggests to me that he's getting well enough to care what's going down the hatch, which is awesome!

    Love you both very much -- prayers and positive thoughts continuing in your direction.


  3. Hoping that no news is good news? Lifting Seth and your family up in prayer.

  4. @Nancy, thanks for your post and your service to our soldiers.
    @Karrin, the not liking the chicken finger was notable because I have eaten chicken fingers almost every day for the last week. I'm eating cafeteria food every day. Most of it is not bad.

  5. I could live off of cafeteria food quite happily . . .