Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth of July

This is a very different 4th of July for us. To honor it, I have posted this video of Seth at his basic training graduation where he was the outstanding graduate and, because of that, led two companies in the Soldier's Creed.

Our update came at 9:30 this morning--Seth is still in Afghanistan, and he had just come out of OR for another washing of his wounds and a rod or brace was put on or in his right leg and pelvis. (It is not always clear what is happening because our liaisons are not medical people and some know how to interpret a medical report and some don't.) We are waiting, waiting to hear if he was stable enough to go out on the midnight flight to Germany. I will make a second post today if we hear.

Some random reflections:
  • It's OK for people who barely know me or who have just met me to give me hugs. I have appreciated and needed every hug I have received.
  • I wish I could respond to all your comments and e-mails, but just because I can't does not mean they are not appreciated. I read and appreciate every one. We also appreciate every phone call we receive and every person who shows up on our doorstep. Waiting and feeling helpless is much easier with people around.
  • Last week in my yoga class, our teacher told us to look at our feet and say thank you to them for all they do for us every day. I did, and I have been grateful that for at least that week, I did not take my feet for granted--and I never will again. I ran a 10K this morning and every step of the way, I thanked the Lord for my feet, my legs, my healthy body that functions as it should, and I wished with all my heart I could switch places with Seth.
*7:00 p.m. update: He is in the air to Germany!*

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  1. A very emotional day. Your family has been in my heart and thoughts. So glad Seth is on his way! Love you guys!