Saturday, July 9, 2011

No Words

We got to Walter Reed at about 1 a.m. EDT and were able to see Seth. Nothing, nothing in the world can prepare a mom to see her son's broken body--bandaged, stapled and hooked up to innumerable IVs and a ventilator.

The kind but candid doctor laid it out for us.

  • he will have his wounds washed out every other day
  • he will have dozens of surgeries
  • his right leg has extensive soft tissue damage and a complicated fracture, meaning it's not a given yet that he'll keep it
  • he will require many skin grafts
  • there is a bacteria in Afghani soil that he is being give antibiotics for
  • his colostomy may very well be permanent because of the extensive damage to his lower torso
  • hid pelvic fracture will require lots of pain management
What he has going for him:
  • his upper respiratory and cardiovascular system are fine
  • there is no apparent head injury
  • he has blood flow to his right foot and to his damaged left hand
  • he has his hands and all his fingers
  • he is extremely strong
  • he is an American soldier--the doctor's words, not mine
Right now, it is the kindnesses of friends and strangers that are sustaining us. In Seth's room, there is a beautiful quilt, sown for him by someone we do not know. I have not yet opened the envelope that is addressed to "An American Warrior"--I am waiting until I can share it with Seth, but I held on to that envelope and Bob for dear life as we listened to the litany of Seth's physical liabilities and assets.

Please don't be afraid to call. We will have hours and hours of waiting. If you have the means and the wherewithal, please consider visiting. Seth has a long, long road ahead of him (also the doctor's words) and the more people we have around us, the stronger we'll be.

You may write or send packages to 
Walter Reed Medical Center
attn: Seth Pack
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington D.C. 20307


  1. Hi Sylvia, oh! What a list! We will pray for the things on this list item by item, and thank for all those important things he has going in his favor. And for your family, too! Thanks for the update.
    Michelle c

  2. Hi Sylvia... I'm so glad he's back in the states. Thank you for the updates. I'm amazed by your strength and I pray that our Father will continue to sustain each of you.

    Dave H. & family!

  3. To Seth's Family,

    Finally! I have been asking my chain of command everyday for new updates on Seth, but unfortunately the updates never come. This blog means a lot to me and eases my mind. Pack is more than American Soldier, but he is an American Hero. I've never been one to pray; however, with all the thoughts I have had, wishing for Seth to pull through, I'm not sure there is much of a difference.
    Miss you like crazy Pack! You get better, and I will see you as soon as I get back.



  4. Hi my name is sam bailey i was in seths platoon at osut in ft. benning. Seth is like a brother to me... He even came and saw me when he was on leave while i was in the hospital from a car wreck. Id really like to get in contact with your family or even seth if its possible directly. My number is 435 491 0231 and its sam bailey. Thank you for your time. And seth i just want you to know you are in everyone of my prayers and my whole familys prayers man.

  5. My mom and dad are also praying and keeping up on seths updates they asked me to post their numbers too for them its 970 779 7443 and970 779 7444. Everyones best wishes and prayers are with seth for the quickest recovery possible. Again if you can contact me at 435 491 0231 it would be greatly appreciated. When you see him let him know that sam bailey from training is with him 24/7 in heart and prayers and knows hes gonna beat this so he can come back home to ogden and see his battle buddy. Thank you so much for this blog its about the only thing keeping my sanity through all this. And i am so sorry for your family and friends i know how much its tearing me up i can only imagine what its doing to you my prayers and condolences to your whole family. You can do it seth i know you can.

  6. Thank you so much for the address, Sylvia. I didn't get a chance to get you a letter or card before you left. I'll send something soo! I am so glad you are able to be there with him. I can't even fathom how hard it is for all of you. We are continuing to pray for strength, comfort and miracles for your family.