Saturday, July 16, 2011

Van Gogh

It's the weekend and Seth has no surgery until Monday, so there is, thankfully, very little to report.

The good news:
  • Seth was able to sleep without bad dreams today (nighttime is a different story)
  • His swelling is gone
The bad news:
  • Now he looks like this

My good news:
  •  my appetite is back
 My bad news: 
  • my appetite is back

We continue to feel buoyed up by the prayers, thoughts, calls, e-mails and packages being sent our way.


  1. sounds as if mom's sense of humor is recovering nicely too. Very glad to hear that.

  2. yes! appetite is good

  3. It's truly a gift to make people chuckle when you are in the midst of a trial. Thanks for that. :)