Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hope is a Thing with Feathers

After 10 hours of surgery on Wednesday, all the surgeons' reports have been positive. A layman's rundown:

  • left leg amputation covered and closed
  • right leg fixator adjusted and more wound closing done
  • Integra laid on the right leg where future skin grafts will be placed
  • left hand reset to help preserve mobility
  • the pelvis stabilized by putting a screw in the sacroiliac
  • a bar and external fixator placed on the pelvis so Seth can move safely now
  • the source of his nausea discovered and dealt with
The documentation of Seth's surgeries will fill two phone books or more by the time we are done. I can't begin to include all the details we are presented with and which the surgeons graciously and kindly explain. 

On Tuesday, we were able to talk Seth into using the PCA (patient controlled analgesic) or "the button." Yesterday morning, I was encouraging him to push the button, and he said, "What is this called again?"  
I said, "A PCA."
"And what does that stand for?" 
I said, "Patient-controlled analgesic." 
He responded, "That's right--NOT mom-controlled."

Random factoid:
  • In Finland, fines for driving infractions are based on one's income. Brilliant.


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  2. Sylvia and Bob,

    Just belatedly learned the news via Charlie's link from Facebook. Don't know what to say but I'm certainly thinking of you all. Your blog is much appreciated and I'll keep checking, hoping for good news.

  3. kind of hard to see a post about "left leg amputation," -- not to mention all that other stuff-- in the context of "positive" but from where you sit I imagine it is so.

    The hallucinations from morphine are nothing to sneeze at -- they drove me nuts when I had surgery 6 years ago and those were nothing compared to what Seth is dealing with. Good thing he's got a strong mom there with him.

  4. im glad to see that seth has his kept his humor through all this. it seems that things perhaps are getting more stable, and that light at the end of tunnle a bit more clear. you all are still in my heart, and I still cannot wait to get back to the u.s. and see seth. tell him i miss him. we all do.


  5. Finland also has one of the most rigorous driving exams in the world. Top Gear did a neat thing about it.

  6. I am so happy to read these lasts few posts and see that seth is gettin more like himself by the day, I hope all is well for you guys. Love danny

  7. He cracks me up. Hah, Is there anyway I can still get a letter out to you guys? You can e-mail me at or

    You are in my prayers!

  8. Let me know if I can send anything from the Great NW (smoked salmon, wild mountain huckleberry jam canned by your's truly, a rainy July day, some between-toe moss).


  9. I'm so glad that there are positives!